Sunday, February 18, 2018

Welcome to Week 4

Kia ora Koutou Katoa,

Welcome to Week 4. Here is a quick heads up about what's happening.

  • Statistics is still on the go. I think the settings on the quizzes that I sent through last week may have been wrong as I had feedback from a parent that they were unable to access them. Could you please click here and give them another crack for us? If you still can't access, please let me know. 
  • Guitar and ukulele lessons are go. Had a fun first session last Thursday. If your child is participating, feel free to add that into the the 'Extra Curricula" section of the weekly homework.
  • Please send your child's homework book to school every Monday.
  • Meet the teacher evening is this Wednesday. Room 2 kicks off at 6.30pm. 
  • The whale Inquiry is progressing. I'm looking at booking an expert to come in and give a talk soonish. At this point we're up to publishing a little presentation about Tooth Whales.
Rock On,
Mr M

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Room 2's Amazing Questionnaires

Kia Ora All,

We've been learning about statistics by creating surveys and graphing the results. Here are our latest questionnaires which we created using Google Forms. Please vote for your favourites and keep and eye out for the results, which we'll share with you when we're done.

Rock On,

Mr M

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Some photos of the first two weeks.

Here are some pictures of the beginning of our writing programme in week 1.

Here we are brainstorming what we already know about the focus questions that we're going to be learning about as part of our World of Whales inquiry.

 Learning how to play the maths game Four In A Row. Hopefully you've played this with your child as part of home learning.

Here we are doing our first piece of publishing: a desk mat displaying interesting information about ourselves. 

Rock On,

Mr M

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Welcome to 2018!

Kia Ora Koutou Katoa,

Harere mai and welcome to 2018. It looks like it's going to be a cracker year with a great bunch of kids. 

I had a super holiday break, mostly hanging around the Bay with my family, taking the kids swimming every day and generally enjoying life in paradise. 

Class Programme
Maths: We're starting off the year with a statistics unit. We'll be surveying the class and school community about various favourite things, organising the results, graphing them and interpreting the graphs. If you're looking for home learning to fit in with this you could create a survey with your child, record the results on a tally chart and create a bar graph showing the results.

Reading: For the first two to three weeks I'll be doing some group work with the students and also the usual testing to see where they're at so that I can determine what their learning needs are. I aim to set the scene for a positive year of reading and actively model the enjoyment of books. 

Writing: For the first few weeks of the writing programme I have some fun and engaging writing activities planned, as well as some activities that will help me determine student needs. As with reading, the first few weeks are about getting to know the students as writers and setting the tone for a fun year of writing. 

Inquiry: The Inquiry topic that I have planned for this term is called The World of Whales. To introduce the topic, Mr Cullen came into class the other day to show the students some of the amazing photos he's taken while diving with whales and also some pictures of local whale strandings. I've planned about 5 weeks of worth of different learning activities covering various aspects such as: what whales are, how they live, and why they are becoming endangered. After we complete the first 5 weeks of learning, students will decide on their own questions to research. We'll post some writing and videos of what we're up to on the blog as the term progresses. 

PE: Swimming is the main for focus this term - please send togs along with your child every day. We'll also be working on small ball skills.

Te Reo Maori: We had our first whole school Kapa Haka session on Thursday, the students were really enthusiastic about it and I thought they made a great start. We'll also be learning a basic mihi over the first few weeks. A great home learning task around this would be to talk to your child about a significant river and mountain associated with wherever they are from as this is part of the mihi. For example, those from Takaka will talk about Parapara as their mountain and Parawhakaoho, Takaka or Motupipi as their river. If you don't know the te reo Maori names for the mountain or river, it doesn't matter - we can look them up at school. 

Homework: Those parents who had students in my class last year will notice that I have a more prescribed homework system this year. I've reverted back to a system I used a few years ago before starting a blog for my classes as I hope that it will be more accessible to the parent community out here. I understand that there isn't always time for homework, but I do hope that you all take advantage of the homework I send home regularly. Please send the homework book along to school every Monday. 

Guitar / ukulele lessons: This year I'm going to run guitar and ukulele lessons once a week during a break time. If you'd like to sign your child up for lessons, please send me an email at: I'll be in touch when I've got an idea of how much interest there is - if there is a lot of interest then I may have to put some students on a wait list. The lessons will suit beginners and students who have some experience. You will need to have a guitar or ukulele at home to practice on. The lessons are geared towards giving students an introduction to the instrument. The lessons are free, but it is expected that there is a commitment to practicing regularly.

Communication: As always, we have an open door policy here at Motupipi. Please feel free to pop in and say hi. If you have questions, concerns or similar you can email me, ring me at school or pop in to see me. There is also a parent / teacher communication section on the homework sheets, which I'll try to make sure I read weekly. 

Rock On,

Mr M

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Week 5

Kia Ora All,

Week 5 looks to be a big one. Here's the heads up.
  • One of the main aims of the mighty Ruma Rima at present is production. It's coming together slowly but surely. Please have a chat to your child about costumes. We'll be working on headbands for Kapa Haka costumes in class, but their character costumes are mostly up to students to sort out. If special props are needed, some of it can be taken care of at school if you can't do it at home. Please let me know if you need any support or have any questions around your child's costume.
  • Re: Kapa Haka costumes - each boy will need black shorts and if they have any appropriate necklaces e.g., bone, pounamu that would be a nice addition. Girls will need a black or dark coloured top with thin straps. We'll be looking at the rest of the girl's costumes in class.
  • We've got our second tennis session on Thursday. I was impressed with the quality of the coaching and with the students' ability during the last session. 
  • Camp notices went home on Friday. Please ask your child for them if you haven't seen them yet and send them back ASAP.
Rock On,
Mr M

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Kapa Haka

Tena Koutou Katoa,

We've been chipping away at our concert item. One part that we've been working on is the Kapa Haka section. We're beginning our performance with a welcoming haka followed by a waiata. The students have been working hard every morning, supported immensely by Alice who has been coming in to help us fine tune our performance. Here is a picture of the mighty Ruma Rima in full flight.

Rock On,
Mr M

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Tremaine - Holiday Recount


This is my astounding mind blowing happy holiday. On the first amazing day of week one Sonny came over to my house. After a while we went to the movies we watched the amazing lego ninjago movie. My favourite part was when Lloyd lost his arm, it was amazingly weird and mind blowingly grose.
After 1 hour 30 minutes we went home and had fish and chips for dinner.

The next day I went riding up at Travis's motor X track with my amazing cousins Indy and lucu. I was going over the roll over jumps so that dad could get an awesome picture of me riding my motorbike but then something breathtaking happened. I went a bit too fast and I did an amazing jump I got so freaked out.

And that was my amazing mind blowing holiday.

Yours sincerely


Louis - Holiday Recount

   My awesome holiday not!

My holiday was finally here. At 5:00am I was woken by Aonghus screaming into my ear.  “Wake up we need to have a pillow fight with Mav.”  By the way, I was having the sleepover of stunning greatness at Aonghus’s house with Mav. I jumped out of bed like a ninja and whacked Mav so hard he nearly went unconscious. Then Mav whacked me jaw droppingly hard.  My eyes popped out of my head.

Now it’s time to get to the boring part of my holiday.  So boring you might even put down the book and stop reading.  Well here I go.  I sat super still for about a week.  It’s true, all I did was look at the fire burning.  

My holiday was a stunning, jaw dropping, eye opening, breathtaking mind blowingly dull holiday!

Aurora - Worst Day Ever

“ Hello?  Well hello there friends, I'm lucy Eronson-KIT and I’m 14 years old. I'm normally one of happiest people alive but the last two days were my

First my little brother Tama dropped his icecream all over my drawings for school. When I came back with a damp tissue he was smudging it trying it get off . I was filled with RAGE, I had to restart now :< After school I had to explain why I had no drawings. Then I went home. When I got home Sittles and  Lilly < there my budgies > were loose!! Mum told me that Skyler my little 2 year old sister had let them out. It took me and Tama hours. In the end Nanna had to come, then it two 2 hours. I was exhausted after that.

Then mum gave skyler a bottle juice.
She somehow opened it and spilt it all over my new clothes. When I went to get some new ones my draws were empty. Then it was dinner.

Tama had tipped his water all over me. So I had to sleep in soaking clothes, when I  woke up, I jumped out of bed and ran to the laundry. I picked out some clothes and realized that they were my big brother Sam's clothes. I just put them on because I was soaking. I feed my birds and eat breakfast, it was only after I finished I realized that I was eating bird food. Maybe that’s why the last two days were so bad…


Holiday Recount - Aliana

Just saying it's a little fiction.
My holiday was the most legitimate holiday ever it was out of this world.

It started like all other days ‘ahhhhhhhh’ screamed my younger brother Quinn
  ‘ohh thats it I’m going to kill you!’ screamed my other younger bro Saxon.
  I walked out and started to make my breakfast, then all of a sudden my dad comes out and says ‘OK GANG LET'S GO FISHING’
My dad says in a SUPER loud voice.  The boys all shout ‘YAAAAAAAY’
‘’But I just got up’ I said.
 ‘Too bad get dressed and then we're leaving’ he said annoyed.

I decided to do what he said. I got dressed and jumped right into the car to go. We got the rods done with bait and a hook and casted them out too sea.

One hour later we had seven cockabully, three spotties, and I caught a big fat sharky thing. Then my rod started to sink. I started to wind it in. while I was winding I thought of what could it be. I got it up to the surface and it was the awesome, amazing, the spectacular, eye - opening


The next week we had a baby sitter called Briley. She is also my stunningly awesome horse riding teacher and also, come to think of it, very heroic because she teaches like seven kids to ride nearly everyday. And she is very nice! Most days we have with her we go for walks to the school shop, which is out of this world because other baby sitters would just sit down for the day, and then when they go back to their house, they sit down for the rest of the day.

We got ready for the walk. We went for the majestic walk listening too the birds tweeting, watching the lambs and calves frolicing with their tails wagging as they drink their milk. It's just so adorable watching. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was like walking through an oasis. It was so blissful.
A few weeks later my Mum mentions… it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks, can you go get me a gift… So dad rounds us up and we get in the tooth white car and go zooming into town to get a prezzie/ present/ gift.  ‘I know what she really wants’ I said to everybody. So they all followed me to the
Pohutukawa gallery and bought her a candle.
It looked a little like this


This is a little messy because of the computer

By Aliana

Mav - Holiday Recount

                         My holiday

My alarm went off then I saw it the tree of greatness I had to climb it. When I got up the tree I played there for a while. I got bored but I was about to come down. But then the rope untied and I fell. My lip was bleeding because it cracked and I couldn’t walk because my back was sore and my head was sore.                              
It was horrible! But later on a ambulance came to help and a later doctor came to help. A rescue helicopter was going to come but it couldn't come because  somebody had a heart attack. Well it must be time to rest. Bye.

By Mav

Toby - Worst Day Ever

             This is bad.

Hi I’m Rob and I'm 16... and someone's just robbed me!
Great. Well anyway hi. I'll be back, I just need to see what
stuff has got stolen. At least I can call the cops.
Wait I can’t because my phone got stolen. At least
It can’t get any worse. 5 hours later… Awww come on….
The power’s not working. I’ll go get some breakfast.
Aha there's the candles.  One minute later: that’s the last one, Jeez I’m hungry. Bffaa!!!?!... Owa? Clang! Smash! Bang!? Crash! Pow! Splash?... Tinkle. I think I broke something… fwolf. It was just a carrot. Anyway… the 6th and 7th stairs are broken and the left chair leg and the table leg are broken and the wine cellar is going to blow up and the fireplace has 3 bricks gone now… and that’s it.

3 days later. Yay the power is back on… No wait.  That’s not the light… it’s a fire.  Where’s my phone, where’s my phone, where’s my phone?  Oh no I remember it got st...stolen. Then if my phone is not here I’ll have to use water. Ok I think this is water. Ok I’m next to the fire, here goes nothing… BBfffffff. Ok I have a confession to make.  The water wasn’t water, it was whiskey. And the worse part about this is that my parents are over in Christchurch for a few days.
And they also said when they left for Christchurch for me to look after the house or die. I think you get the point of it. Nice knowing you…

By Toby

Brody - Holiday Recount

My holiday was a mind-blowing eye opening breathtaking triumph.

Wwwooossshhh!!! "That was fun eh Luke?"
"Yes, again again again!" (luke is my brother)
"It will feel similar when we land."
It obviously got a bit shaky because Luke did a puke. I know you are thinking disgusting but luckily some of the people were nice on the plane.  The take off with Golden Bay Air was ok. Luke was playing on the I-pad and threw up all over the I-pad and my best pants.

We landed at Wellington and stayed with our grandparents for a week. Then an eight hour drive to Gisborne to see our Uncle Steve and Auntie Robin and cousins Cole and Jordie. Anyway, time to bring out the shotguns - literally.  We got to shoot shotguns and a 22.  Me and Luke used the shotgun first, I only shot the clay bird once.  

It made this year the best year of my life.

By Brody

Rian - Holiday Recount

The holiday

I opened my eyes sleepily,”huuuu” I sighed just another normal day, or is it? And then I remembered it's the holidays! “Yes, yes, yes finally!” In a hop and a skip I jumped out of bed and put my clothes on, it’s finally the day I go to Taylor’s place. I felt super jacked to go to his place because I hadn't been there for a long time.

Just before we went, I grabbed my bag. It felt like I was going to school. But it wasn't school it was the holidays. I jumped into the car with an urge of energy and I wanted to get there as fast as I could because I wanted to see him so badly. When I arrived There I jumped out of the car and ran to him and said…. “Hi how are you doing. what do you want to do today?”

And what we did on that day made my holiday the best holiday I’ve had in a long time.

By Rian

Carmyn - Holiday Recount

My holiday was an epic epic epic outstanding fun holiday!!

The first day of the holidays was an exciting day because our house got sold and we bought our new house. I'm going to burst with excitement. The house that we bought has a massive lawn with heaps of trees. We can make our own grove, and we can make our own tree huts with a roof and walls and even a door! So that will be pretty cool ay?

My wonderful friend Chloe came to my house for a sleepover. We did some extremely fun skating at the Motupipi Tennis Courts.  At Motupipi Tennis Courts we did some mind blowing awesome tricks!! Then we put rocks on one side of the court. Then we went down the line of rocks and tried to dodge the rocks. If we hit one we will have to lose a point.  

The next day my mum and dad left Chloe and I at the house.  We were watching a movie when my mum and dad left the house  We were eating popcorn and lollies.  We were watching the movie. My Dad and Me made a hut with boxes and blankets.  It was extremely creative.  

My holiday was outstandingly fun!!!!

Aonghus - Best Worst Holiday Ever

My holiday was stunningly jaw droppingly bad. So bad I tore up a bit of paper into smaller bits of paper, then small then smaller and smaller and smaller bits, until they were as small as ants Then I ate them.

Then the most breathtaking thing of my holiday happened: Mum's phone got a text from Mav's Mum. The text was wonderfully great. I was going to Mav's house. Wait did my mum just say I was going to have a jaw dropping  sleepover? I ran to pack and a minutes later I finished packing. I jumped into the car and shouted "are you ready yet?" so loud it would have popped your head off.

It was a pretty slow drive because there were road works happening. "Mum, are we there yet?" I asked annoyingly.
"yes," she shouted.

I ran out. I found Mav and together we ran down to the creek taking to each over about ideas.

It was the most bad but good holiday.        

Kiyo - Holiday Recount

My Holiday
Was a Stunning Holiday

The first thing I did was go Milnthorpe I caught a Kahawai within 40 seconds. It was amazing we had it for tea it tasted delicious.

Secondly the next stunning adventure was when my aunty my cousin and I went to the wave pool for the day it was an eye-opening day. After a stunning day at the wave pool, we went to have a very late dinner.

Thirdly I went to Totaranui for 2 nights. On the first day we unpacked then we went fishing off the beach suddenly I Got bites! I Was on! I was so excited but it was only a sand shark. We stayed up to 10:00pm and had marshmallows.

The next day  we went fishing off the rocks. We mostly caught baby cod. Suddenly my mum caught a stunning cod !!!!!!! We caught mullet for bait and that's how my mum caught the cod. We had it for tea!!

Once we got home I Went  fishing off the bench. My brother caught a gurnard!!!!!

By Kiyo

Lochie - Holiday Recount

My holiday was a zest full mind blowing roller coaster ride!

In my holiday my friends came from Wellington. They were called Marty and Cath and they have 3 kids. One of the kids was called Ben and he is 6 years old. Another of their kids is called Eli and he is 13. The oldest kid is called Flinn and he is 15. They stayed for a week. I learned how to do a front flip 180 on the tramp. At night we played spotlight and games outside until 11.30pm! We also played Minecraft. It was the best week ever!!  

What to next?  Well I know….  To the mind blowing sea!!!

What is this?  The watch has gone off at 6am. Help me before it’s too late.  Arrrrrrr.  It’s killing me with noise.  Oh wait a minute, it’s just a watch.  Now it’s time to jump on my Mum and Dad.  2 hours later, well more like 3 hours later “Mum, can I go on the kayak?”  “Yes” said Mum.  I got down.  I was ready to go.  I was out in the sea.  It was all good until the sea made me and and kayak flip over. I had to drag the kayak right back up to my place.  It was exhausting with pain. When I got back from the beach, I was exhausted.  

My holiday was so cool!!!

Gabriel - Holiday Recount

My holiday was an earthquake rollercoaster on wings relaxing.

I went to Keth and Tina`s house to watch a exciting out of this world mixed martial arts move. My favourite part was when the awesome defending champion was beating the other person who wanted a revenge. The champion was always ducking and defending the punches and kicks. After the other person got so tired the champion could pick him up and throw him on to the ground.  Then he started choking him so he tapped out!  It was mind blowing!

I find martail arts the best.  That’s why I do Kung-Fu. Last time I thought it was the best lesson ever. I  learnt Bongser, Chiser and Fukser.  Also I learnt to do the Wooden Dummy Form.  The best punch I learnt was the Strike and the best kick is called the Axe Kick. Both of the moves are jaw droppingly powerful!!!

Holidays are the best because you get breaks from school and that is awesome!!!

Taylor - Holiday Recount

                  The Holiday
Beep! beep! beep! My alarm went off. The nightmare continues, I whispered to myself. I stopped wriggling to hear the sound of the TV. I recognized the show it was Danger Mouse. I sat up aw! I hit my head on the top bunk.

I jumped out of bed as I remembered it was fishing day. My head exploded there was blood all up the walls! Woh! woh! woh! we went a little too far there, sorry for the dramatic exaggeration. I'm going to have to clean the blood up later. So where was I? Ah the fishing day.

One hour later we were out and about in the boat. The day got better and better as we got out there. Suddenly we stopped  and we threw our lines over the side and waited. Suddenly I felt a bite, a big bite!
“Dad dad get over here, I have a big one on the line.” Kim helped me wind it in. It was a big big snapper! I wrapped it up in a towel and placed it in the the chilly bin. It took up most of the room.
We could only caught 5 more. Next we put a net in the water and headed in to shore. We were going to come out and pick the net up at lunch time.

When we got home I grabbed my tablet and jumped on my bed. I looked at the walls while my tablet was powering on. Oh! I need to clean the blood up before my mum gets home.

Taylor Vickery